Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Olympic Inspired Art For the Inner Olympian In All of Us

1972 Olympics Judo by Otl Aicher at L-Dopa Design, $360

Every four years, I get a thrill out of watching the Olympics (Summer, Winter, it doesn't matter). There's something magic about watching the nations parading in their uniforms, the best athletes competing in the world, and the sports drama that gets to me. As a designer, the sheer amount of promotion materials for the Olympics is dizzying -- merchandising, logo work, posters, etc. the list goes on and on. The designer Otl Aicher  created these Munich 1972 Olympics that are dynamic, colorful, and modern. They're excellent posters worthy of being hanged in your homes. Here's my favorites from vintage art/poster site L-Dopa Design

1972 Olympics Archery by Otl Aicher at L-Dopa Design, $420

1972 Olympics Shooting by Otl Aicher at L-Dopa Design, $350

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