Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo by Virgin America

Can I just say that Virgin America is the coolest airline in the US? Can I get an amen? Richard Branson, I salute you for making flying sexy again. Mmm. Flat-screen mini-TVs, WiFi, leather seats...I wasn't sure if I was in a South Beach lounge or flying cross-continental to my new home.

Speaking of which -- news to my dearly devoted readers -- I'm back on the East Coast! After much packing and huffing, I've headed out to school in New York City! It's been such a shock moving from West Coast Seattle to the frenetic Big Apple. Mama, here, had to go sharpen her claws before she went out apartment-room hunting. After moving in for the kill, she nabbed a tiny shoebox room in an apartment that she hopes she'll be sharing with a (seems to be) sane roommate. I'll be sure to document my decorating process. Let's just say I'll have to be creative (the room is 7x10 ft.). Yeow. 

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