Monday, October 6, 2008

T-mobile + Google's love child: HTC G1

T-Mobile HTC G1 White (5)

The HTC G1  (in white) is bound to have trendy fashionistas squealing: "A Must Have!" 
The "It" item has already made an appearance on my favorite show, Gossip Girl. It looks so good in white. Plus, HTC is a super popular brand overseas in Asia. On sale in Best Buys nationwide on Nov. 26th, T-mobile customers can nab one for about $180. The HTC G1 makes a strong contender against the iPhone but the only strikes against it are: a) no iPod/iTunes integration
b) clunky web browser (see below). Doesn't it remind you of the Sidekick when viewed horizontally? and c) T-mobile limiting data usage to 1G? If you go over, your internet speed crawl at 50kb?! Say it ain't so...I'm not too keen on that...
T-Mobile HTC G1 White (7)

Would I switch my iPhone for the G1? Most likely not due to these factors I listed above. But you bet I'll make my way to check one out in person and see. As a former T-mobile user (of 5 years!) the only major drawback was the high amount of dropped calls I used to get back home. 

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