Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gadget Decor

Seen at Closet Therapy , I love these eye catching graphic skins for your laptop and iPods which add protection (against scratches) and enhanced asthetic appeal. From what I've read, you get a skin decal that you can apply to your gadget and is easily removable.

To boot, professional illustrators have contributed to the Gelaskins designs which dramatically seperate them from similar boring, generically designed products. Can you recognize some of their works? These designs are tempting.

Here are the ones I'm taking a hard look at:

"Crazy for Dance," $32.95, 15" laptop, design by Yumiko Kayukawa

Love, love, love her illustrative work which I've seen in some magazines and adwork. Saw her art exhibited at Takeshi Murakami's exhibit at Japan Center, NYC. See her artwork, Sweet Yumiko

"Just Cause You Feel It," $14.95, iPod Nano, design by Steven Daily

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Item of the Day

I like odd things. I also like fire.
As a latch key kid from the 'burbs, this recalls a time period where I experimeted with pyrotechnics or more plainly "let's see how #(%(* blows up!" This included aerosol cans, plastics, and whatever random item I could hide from my mom's attention.
The irreverent design puts a smile on my face and deviltry in my heart. Ah, memories.
The Dutch designer Piet Houtenbos made these from real US Army surplus grenades (!!) and they are reusable and burn for 24 hours. It even comes in 3 colors: neutral, silver, and gold (bling, bling).
Hand Grenade Oil Lamp Collection, $60, Lekker

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Having fun at work

I'm a firm believer that if you want to be creative in your work, you need to surround yourself in a creative environment. Aim for a bit of wit and whimsy in your office. So in spirit, I found some fun items to spruce up the cubicle. Here are some desk/work accessories that'll brighten your workdays and make you look organized (somewhat):

File folders by Bobs Your Uncle @ See Jane Work, $6-$12

These set of folders come in 2 flavors: organized (at top) or limbo (above). How can you not crack a smile with these? I'm a filing procastinator but these would almost make me want to start sorting. With the Limbo set, you can clearly prioritize the miscellaneous clutter with the categorized selection. With the organized set, bulk sorting includes 6 folders.

Left, Tokidoki's Cactus Friends (Sandy), $25, Ningyoushi. Right, Qee figure designed by Tim Biskup, $80, Qeester
Keep company while being productive. The sights of these folks will add some needed personality to your workplace. And, it gives your coworker friends a chance to play with toys. T O Y S! Gotta keep the creativity juices flowin' boss.
Who can resist?

Dozi Paperclip Holder, $20, Moma
If you like your desk ornamentation to have more function, try this cute figurine, you won't have to scrabble around for paperclips anymore.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Suitcase Makeover

Who says that air travel has to be drab and dowdy?
Be prepared to embark stylishly on your next trip with a serious set of
carry on luggage (none of that shabby duffel bag nonsense!).
Put aside travel anxieties by ensuring your carry on luggage is as arresting as you are when you're at the boarding gate. I'm keeping my eye out on these models for my luggage makeover.

Sleek professional types,up for consideration:

Exterior Carryon, $395, Kenneth Cole

Samsonite Sahora Brights 28" Spinner Upright, $239.99, JCPENNEY

Fun luggage: short jaunts, vacation

Carry-On in Sunset Twigs, $210, Diane Von Furstenberg

Wheelie Flight Deck in Equestrian, $79.95, Burton Snowboards

Hideo Camo "26, $300, Flight 001

Von Karmen Roller Luggage, $99.98, Roxy

Luggage tags
And, in case, I can't make up my mind and want to add more panache to my baggage that I currently don't have...
here are some affordable attachments I can add.

Find'em at the Container Store
Top: Luggage Strap, $14.99
Bottom: Critter Luggage Tag, $5.99