Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gadget Decor

Seen at Closet Therapy , I love these eye catching graphic skins for your laptop and iPods which add protection (against scratches) and enhanced asthetic appeal. From what I've read, you get a skin decal that you can apply to your gadget and is easily removable.

To boot, professional illustrators have contributed to the Gelaskins designs which dramatically seperate them from similar boring, generically designed products. Can you recognize some of their works? These designs are tempting.

Here are the ones I'm taking a hard look at:

"Crazy for Dance," $32.95, 15" laptop, design by Yumiko Kayukawa

Love, love, love her illustrative work which I've seen in some magazines and adwork. Saw her art exhibited at Takeshi Murakami's exhibit at Japan Center, NYC. See her artwork, Sweet Yumiko

"Just Cause You Feel It," $14.95, iPod Nano, design by Steven Daily

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