Saturday, September 1, 2007

Design meets Casual

Thanks to Closet Therapy, I was introduced to Mike & Chris, a clothing label dedicated to "chic and street, resulting in a line that is both laid back yet put together." The designers scored a major hit with their structured hoodie jackets and have since branched into men and women's lines for 2007. What caught my eye was their Bailey hoodie(seen above). I love how they've cut and tailored the slummy hoodie jacket and turned it into something neat, crisp, and femme. I could wear this work and I am definitely planning to wear this to Seattle when I visit this fall. I'll look just as put-together getting into the plane as I will when I get off.
I refuse to wear a track/velour sweat suit at any point (hint, hint Britney Spears). The fact that its comfortable just makes my heart even more fonder. It retails for $308.

But the tale doesn't end here. Old Navy released their own take on Mike & Chris's hoodie jackets and for $28, I nabbed my own in black, the one shown below is on Old Navy's site. I'm digging the faster turnaround seen in major retailers ~ at this price, I won't feel so bad if something happens to my purchase. Win win for all of us.

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